Like most good things in life, the idea to create Paper Curves came to Hiteshvi Somani, the Chief Crafter in Command, on a hot afternoon in 2011 as she was staring at the ceiling, waiting for the long summers to end. She had moved to the UAE a few months ago and was desperate to find a creative outlet that would not only be fun but also help her become a part of a close community. And once she found crafting, there was no looking back. What started as a personal hobby soon became a passion and before we knew it, neighbors, friends and family members started showing up at the door armed with glue guns, ready to come along on crafting adventures!

Initially, we were overwhelmed by all the enthusiasm but we soon came to realise that the satisfaction of creating something with your own hands is not only unique but also deeply human. In our modern world, where entertainment is fed to us at every step through screens and smartphones, a lot of people have lost touch with their creative instincts.

So once we saw the joy on everyone’s faces as they immersed themselves in their own little masterpieces, we decided that Paper Curves would not just be another business but a magical space where both adults and children can come together to explore and nurture their inner artist.

Since its conception, Paper Curves has organised numerous Crafternoon workshops with our ever growing gang of ‘craftivists’ who can be easily recognizedf by their colourful hands, twinkling eyes and big smiles. For us it is a way to make new friends, laugh, experiment and get away from the grind of everyday existence.

And to make crafting as easy as possible, our one-stop online store is stocked with all kinds of papers, paints, stamps, stationery, clay moulds and other goodies that will fulfill all your crafting needs. We bring the best and latest supplies in the market at economical prices.

All in all, our mission at Paper Curves is to spread joy and creativity. We are always trying to connect with our community in fun and engaging ways. If you have any suggestions or feedback for us, we are all ears!

Please write to us at info@papercurves.com